Coleen Ray Allen
TZ Members: The Flash, James, Bird Boy,
and The Penguin
Without their help this comic would not exist!

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In the 1990's the talent behind X-Men: The Animated Series revealed the following during seasons four and five: in Africa Fabian Cortez assists Apocalypse on an escape from the astral plane that Professor Xavier and other psychics sent him. Later on, Morph returns from his self journey to provide aid but Xavier is extremely ill. He is so sick in fact, that in order to receive the best treatment he needs to leave earth! With Morph and Jean Grey back the team seems somewhat back to normal but no one can replace Professor Xavier.

During 2004 the talent behind Justice League Unlimited revealed the following in episodes nineteen and twenty: Huntress is banned from the league after disobeying orders and attempting to kill Steven Mandragora. Later on, in Lexor City, Lex Luthor appears for a speech after he is endorsed by the JL's newest member, Captain Marvel. Superman however, thinks that Lex has planted a bomb and he and Captain Marvel battle. After this Captain Marvel calls a meeting at the Watchtower with the original seven members. Before any of the others can announce a judgment he resigns.

The following is an unofficial proceeding…..