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Advertising Ideas

Nintendo's Wii Hour: (Like Wee hour)
To promote the Wii, Nintendo could get back on Saturday mornings! Shows from Wii exclusive games like Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, and Nights: Journey of Dreams could alternate to fill an hour each week. Those who own Nintendo products or considering them would really watch!   

A&W Restaurants: Ever notice A&W Restaurants carry Pepsi products? Why, when Cadbury Schweppes produces A&W, 7 UP, Dr. Pepper, Squirt, and RC Cola among other brands. Why doesn’t the restaurant promote its own products, especially since it has everything that Pepsi does except for maybe an above average cola? That shouldn’t be a hard fix! Just change the flavor of RC a bit and have people taste test it with Pepsi and Coca Cola until it’s comparable. Then promote it, maybe “Try the new Extreme RC, it’s REAL COLA!” If they want a different name, they could use: “A&W C (Alternative and Winning Cola)”

Realemusic: (Pronounced Really Music) To compete with I-Tunes, these two Seattle based companies could share resources, and I think both would grow. E-Music could make their library available to Real subscribers. Customers could use their plan i.e. SuperPass, Rhapsody etc. and have the option to get 2 E-Music downloads in exchange for 1 Real download. E-Music artists should like this because it would expose their music to a wider audience. An official player for E-Music has not yet arrived. I've tried about every player with E-Music, (Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.) and the one that I think works best is Real Player Plus. Real could give all E-Music customers who aren't on trial subscriptions a free download of this player.
Both companies would profit. Real would have an expanded library and something unique to offer their customers over I-Tunes and E-Music would get an official player and a special peek for their subscribers.

The Micro-Box: If Microsoft decides to make a portable game system to compete with PSP and DS this could be a good idea. It works like a palm cpu. Consumers can get their games directly from game developer sites. Game developers should like this because it would drive traffic to their site and allows them to show customers other products they have available. This system is also good for the consumer. It stores MP3s and plays DVDs after transferred to a file type using a Microsoft program. “When you’re on the go you don’t need an iPod, cartridges, and mini disks. All you need is your Micro-box!”